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The Bond Between This Dog And His Human Baby Brother Is Just Too Adorable

A dog is a man’s best friend. That saying is proven to be a hundred percent true by the pictures this new mom has posted on her Instagram feed. Her adorable Bullmastiff and newborn son have been each other’s best friend from day one.

When Bonnie Michalek and her husband welcomed their “first baby” (the super cute Bullmastiff named Brutus) back in 2016, they were clueless of how much of an incredible big brother he would be one day. Of course they noticed right away that Brutus is the sweetest and most gentle dog they have ever met. “He’s always loved kids. Every time he’s heard kids outside laughing he gets excited,” Bonnie said during an interview with The Dodo. But since 12 weeks the big brown dog has proven he is way more than just a dog who loves kids.

Since the birth of Bonnie’s first human child, Kayden, she noticed that Brutus had a special interest in the new addition to the family. He acts like he’s Kayden’s third parent or older brother and is very protective over the cute baby boy. “Brutus completely bypassed my husband to meet Kayden. He immediately wanted to give him kisses and snuggle up to him,” Bonnie said during the interview

Bonnie thought Brutus’ behavior was so adorable that she took to Instagram to share pictures of the ‘brothers’ with the world. She decided Brutus deserved his own account to showcase his love for his little sibling. The pictures Bonnie shares on there show how Brutus loves to cuddle and take naps with Kayden and how he is willing to share his favorite toy to sooth his little bro when he’s sad. “He grabs his favorite toy to bring it to Kayden to console him!” Bonnie said.


What do you think of the special bond between this dog and his human brother?

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