Unicorn Magical Ice Cream

Target’s New Unicorn Magic Ice Cream Is Every Kid’s Dream

As mommies we know all too well what our kids need in their lives and let’s be honest: Target’s new Unicorn Magic Ice Cream is at the top of their lists for sure! And maybe even our own as well. So let’s see what this new product is all about.

Unicorn-themed products have been trending for quite a while now. Kids as well as adults can’t get enough of them and are spending their hard earned dollars on the weirdest things. You probably have heard of unicorn pool floats, cereal, phone cases, blushes, and so on. But now there’s a new product that will make unicorn-lovers go insane and will probably turn non-believers completely around.

The magical ice cream is made from pink and fruity tasting ice cream, with sour blue raspberry and frosting swirls and even little bits of glittery candy. Now can resist so many glitters, swirls and overall goodness?

So if you want to make your kid’s day the happiest day of the week, head on over to your local Target store to score a few tubs of this irresistible and magical treat called Unicorn Magical Ice Cream. Or, if you really can’t control yourself, maybe just clear out the entire store.

If your local Target store doesn’t have this beautiful and delicious ice cream in stock, then just enjoy these other magical ice cream pictures until they do and you can get your own hands on it!


Have you tried Target’s New Unicorn Magic Ice Cream yet?

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