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Boeing Sued By Dutch Huguette Debets

Boeing is being sued after a second plane recently crashed in Ethiopia. Ex-wife and mother of one of the victim’s children, Huguette Debets, is taking legal actions against the American multinational, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners.

On March 10th, Debets’ ex-husband and father of her to youngest children, Jackson Musoni, was killed in a plane crash together with all of the other 156 passengers. The Ethiopian Flight 302, was executed with a Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft which, after it had been ascended and descended multiple times, crashed in Addis Ababa only six minutes after take-off.

Justice for Musoni and other victims

In an interview with the Dutch news outlet NOS Journaal, Debets said that she wants justice for the death of her husband and the other victims of the crash. Her initial anger was aimed towards Ethiopian Airlines, but she soon realized they were not the ones responsible for the safeness of the actual jets. Therefore, on behalf of Debets, the federal court in Chicago has now filed a lawsuit against the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners: Boeing.

Not the first Boeing 737 Max to have crashed

Since two of the manufacturer’s 737 Max 8 aircrafts have crashed in a short period of time, Boeing has been scrutinized by experts for the safety of this model. On October 9th, the first 737 Max 8 crashed in the Java Sea, twelve minutes after takeoff. The flight (which took the lives of the crew and all 189 passengers) was executed by Indonesian airline Lion Air and departed from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta.

According to experts, both the Lion Air Flight 610 and the Ethiopian Flight 302 show strong similarities in how their systems malfunctioned.

Boeing’s malfunctioning aircraft flight-control system

Both the Lion Air Flight 610 and the Ethiopian Flight 302 aircrafts had technical difficulties in their operating systems. According to multiple aircraft experts, Boeing’s new flight-control system (which is incorporated in the Boeing 737 Max 8) has shown severe issues and should have never passed its safety tests. Boeing was aware of these claims ever since the first crash had occurred, but didn’t take the necessary actions to guarantee the safety of its aircraft’s passengers.

In an interview with the Washington Post attorney Steve Marks from Podhurst Orseck law firm (who is representing Debets) said:

“Boeing, having knowledge of all the reports of dangerous conditions and the previous accident that killed over 150 people, should have taken steps to protect the flying public.”

Following the two similar crashes, Congress and the Transportation Department’s inspector general, as well as a special committee set up by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, are now all investigating how the aircraft could have gotten its certification.

Loss of a loving father and soul-mate

Musoni, who was only 31 years old at the time of the crash, was a well-known citizen of Kigali, Rwanda. He was a hard-working man, who was a field coördinator for the United Nations Refugee Agency based in East Darfur in Sudan. He had been working for the United Nations since 2014.

Debets is taking these legal actions after she and her three children lost their biggest supporter, Jackson Musoni. Musoni was Debets’ ex-husband and father of her two youngest children and stepfather of her oldest. Even though Debets and Musoni got divorced, he always remained the greatest love of her life.

Personal annotation

As a close friend of Huguette, I can honestly say that she is greatly grieving Jackson’s death. They had recently celebrated Christmas together with their children and family and both appreciated each other’s love and respect for one another. 

With this post, I want to express my support to Huguette and wish her and the children all the strength during these difficult and emotional times. 

What do you think about Huguette Debets taking legal actions against Boeing? Would you have done the same thing to make sure the company doesn’t make such dangerous mistakes again in the future?

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