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8 Tips For First-Time Moms Dealing With A Newborn

Finally! Your first baby will enter the world soon. But what can you expect? Of course you’ve heard the usual tips from mom’s around you who already went through the newborn phase but what are the inside tips no one is letting in on? We’ve selected 8 very useful tips every first time mommy should know. 

We’re not talking about the usual tips like “While your baby is sleeping, get some rest as well” or “Accept all help offers, you’ll need it”. We’ve heard those over and over from different moms. And even though those tips are very valuable and helpful, there are things you just cant prepare for on forehand. You will just have to take things as they come. There are a few very handy and helpful tips no one has probably told you before.


1. Nursing pads are crucial

You may not know it yet, or underestimate the damage your “leaking” boobs can cause. But good quality nursing pads are a must-have for every new mom. It can be very humiliating to walk around with huge wet spots on your shirt. Because, especially during the first few weeks, your breast will leak and milk will come out on the most unexpected moments. So, just be prepared and tuck some good nursing pads in your bra before leaving the house.

2. Keep taking care of yourself 

Do not skip your showers because your baby is crying. It’s okay to put him or her in a bouncy seat while you take a relaxing hot shower, wash your hair and maybe even put on a bit of make up to look presentable again. When you look good, you automatically feel a lot better. Or maybe even like you can conquer the world…whatever works for you girl! If you don’t want to leave your baby in his or her room or the livingroom while you take a shower, then just take your little one with you into the bathroom. He or she loves being around you even when you aren’t holding them. Just let your baby see you and he or she will be just fine.

And we’re not talking about just opening all the windows in your home. But actually going out and get some of that fresh O2 into your system. Just pack up your little one and go outside to enjoy that beautiful sunny day. Even if it’s just for a walk around the block or a quick trip to the grocery store. Get dressed and just go out there!

4. You won’t need cloth diapers for a while

Yes, we know… They are very environmentally friendly and will keep the cost of disposable diapers down. But trust and believe that you will not be using them on your newborn baby. Besides from their poop being all fluid and messy, you don’t want to be washing those diapers every single day. You’ll be busy enough with other things mommies have to do. So, why take on another task when you could be resting or even take that much-needed hot shower we talked about in point 2. Just store those cloth diapers somewhere and get them out again when your baby is a bit older and you are (sort of) used to being a new mom.

5. You thought you wouldn’t need that changing pad, huh?!

Well, you absolutely do! Imagine changing your baby in the living room (because you just simply don’t have the energy to walk all the way to the nursery) and then things turn left. Your cute, little poop-monster just left some brown residue on your cream sofa. And on top of that, there comes the pee storm… Oh, how you wish you would’ve gotten that changing pad! We suggest you have one like this in the nursing room, and one like this for on-the-go diaper changes. Saves you lots of drama and afternoons of cleaning. You’re welcome!

6. It’s okay to be apart from your baby for little while

Like we said before, one of the most heard advises must be to accept all help that is offered to you. But let’s be honest, you’re going to accept every-single-time someone offers to help you out with the baby. And yes, most of the times it’s because you feel like you have to be by your little one’s side every second of every day. But girl, you need some time for yourself as well. So when your mom, or your best friend offers to watch your son or daughter for a few hours so that you can go to the gym or just get through that grocery list by yourself, TAKE IT! It’s nothing compared to a few hours of sleep, but you’ll feel more relaxed when you come back from a few hours of quality time spent with yourself.

7. Live in the moment

Yes, sometimes that is easier said than done. Especially when your newborn keeps you up at night and there’s no one around to take over. But remember that this phase too shall pass. You’re baby will only be this small once. He or she will grow up fast and you don’t want to miss a single moment. Not even the difficult ones. They might seem unbearable, but you’re going to miss these days when you’re child gets older and will throw some tantrums during his or her terrible twos and threes!

8. Stop reading all those parenting books (and yes, even blogs)

Of course it’s good to be prepared before baby comes but don’t overdo it. There not one book or blog in the world that will fully get you ready for what’s about to come. And yes even though we’re giving you tips as well it’s okay to just take a break from your hours-long internet search for tips for newbie mommies. Some things you will just have to experience when they get presented to you. Just take it as it comes and create your own experience with them. Deal with every situation your newborn will throw at you as good as you possibly can. Laugh, cry and learn as you go.

So there you have it! And now that you’ve read them and are a bit more informed, it’s time for you to get of your phone, tablet or computer and just take that shower and go for a walk! Relax, you’ve got this, momma!


What was the piece of advice you wish you had gotten before having your first child? What advice would you give to a new mom with a newborn? 

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